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sons_slayers's Journal

Sons and Slayers
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The Story
This begins only a day after the fight between Caleb Danvers and Chase Collins at the now burnt-to-the-ground Putnam Barn and, somehow, Chase has survived. Chase’s powers are diminished slightly, and his body, though not in as bad of shape as Caleb’s father had been prior to his death, is worn. While he is in sore shape, though, Chase is far from giving up in his search for a cure for the wear and tear the Power creates in his physical body.

A prophecy has united the Scooby Gang with the sons of Ipswich, drawing the Sons of Ipswich to the Hellmouth.

Of course, their paths are not without obstacles. Angel has been divided into two beings. One, known as Angelus, is soulless and evil. The other, Angel, is pure good - the Angel the Scoobies have come to accept as one of their own.

Angelus has reunited with Spike and Drusilla and now, with Chase Collins on their side, they make for formidable opponents for the Sons and the Slayers.

Here’s How It Goes…
Once you’re accepted you must create a journal for the character(s) you are playing. The character’s journal will work like any other journal. You will make entries through their eyes as if it was your journal. The posts should be in first person - I, me, etc. The posts in the community will be a little different - You will post in the third person - he, she, etc. Other characters have the option of ‘tagging’ you and they will post in third person as well. These community posts are like any other message board RP posts. If this is not clear enough for you, just ask me whatever questions you have.

*Anyone can join, but you have to be accepted to start making posts. To apply for a character you must…
*Read all of these rules.
*Copy the application in the text box below.
*Fill out said application.
*Post the application as a comment to the first community post.

RPG Application (just copy and paste)

Rules & Notes

This is a biggie - In this RP there may be times where things get smutty or graphic in nature. When this happens the poster of such material should put up a disclaimer to warn anyone who doesn’t want to see the smut. If you still can’t handle mature themes it is recommended that you don’t join this RP.

Original characters are more than welcome, but only after the majority of canon characters have been taken. They’re sort of like the backbone of the RP considering that it is based on them to begin with.

You are welcome to collaborate with other players to make subplots within the RP, but if it is a storyline that affects everyone it would be greatly appreciated if you would run it by me first. I’m open to most everything, but I’d like to know what’s going on.

God-Moding will not be tolerated. This means that you can’t control someone else’s character - You can only control yours.

Canon Character Roster
Caleb Danvers - sonoftriton
Pogue Parry - sonofzephyr
Reid Garwin - sonofiupiter
Tyler Simms - sonxofxgaiax
Sarah Wenham - sarah_wenhem
Kate Tunney - ktunney (Bridget)
Chase Collins - Open
Buffy Summers - a_hero_type
Faith Lehane - drklite5x5 Mars
Alexander *Xander* Harris - vampiresicky
Willow Rosenberg - willow_space
Cordelia Chase - Open
Daniel *Oz* Osbourne - attackhummus
Angelus/Angel - haunted_sigh (Bridget)
Spike - loverbitch
Drusilla - haunted_sigh (Bridget)
Rupert Giles - rippercandy (Bridget